Our Herd

"Romanov" sheep farm currently offers three bloodlines of breeding rams: Relik, Rauch and Romi.

Body weight of adult rams is between 90 and 100 kg, and the ewes are between 65 and 80 kilograms according to the age.

The largest number of animals on our farm has a rating of ER (Elite Record) and a slightly smaller number has a rating of E (Elite), and they were rated by the relevant professional service.

As fertility in our herd is stabilized, and all the specimens originate mainly from the litter size of quadruples and a little bit of triplets, selection work we are focused on is increasing the body frame, body weight and increasing the daily gain of lambs.

Our goal in terms of enhancing production characteristics can be expressed by the formula 3:300:300 (birth weight ≥ 3 kg, fertility ≥ 300%, and daily gain ≥ 300 g).

Production characteristics of our herds can be expressed through the following tabular presentation:

The average fertility in the herd at one lambing 3,21
The average birth weight of lambs (kg) 3,13
Average daily gain of lambs at 100 days (gr) 270
The average body weight of lambs at 100 days (kg) 30,50
Average daily gain of male lambs at 100 days (gr) 300
The average body weight of male lambs at 100 days (kg) 33,33
Average daily gain of female lambs at 100 days (gr) 247
The average body weight of female lambs at 100 days (kg) 27,68

Evaluation and selection of animals for breeding is done at the age of lambs of 100 days, following the age of 6 months when the animal must have at least 40 kg, at the age of 8 months at least 45 kg, at the age of 10 months 48 kg, and at the age of 12 months 50 kg.

The selection procedure for rams ends at the age of 18 months when we have all the performance tests, progeny testing and semen test.

Animals on our farm belong to genotype ARR/ARR, ARR/ARQ and ARQ/ARQ.

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