Romanov Sheep Farm

"Romanov" sheep farm located in Rakitovo village near Jagodina is engaged in breeding and production of elite Romanov rams and ewes, with the use of modern animal husbandry measures and knowledge in the field of genetics. The farm is envisioned as an elite nucleus with Genofond whose individual phenotypically evaluated in the class of ER (Elite Record) and E (Elite), produces the newly specimens for further distribution to other reproductive or commercial herds. The competent institution for the herdbook registration, issuing pedigrees, scientific and technical cooperation with our farm is Institute for Animal Husbandry Zemun.

From 2009 we are breeders of Romanov sheep, after a period of breeding Württemberger (from 1987 to 1994) and Ile de France (from 1994 to 2004) sheepWe started keeping this beautiful animals with great knowledge and experience in sheep breeding, and with love and passion that does not subside from the days we bought our first sheep. In our overwhelming desire to improve production characteristics and refreshing the bloodlines of Romanov sheep in Serbia, on the 1st of September 2014, we made a first private import of Romanov sheep in Serbia from Czech Republic.

We imported 16 sheep, of which 4 rams from 3 bloodlines (Relik, Rauch and Romi) and 12 ewes which are originating from 3 blood families. Together with domestic sheep which we already had in our ownership, our herd currently has 20 ewes and 6 rams, with a tendency of expanding the production capacity. You can see the photos in our gallery.

Our goal is to share the knowledge and promote this noble breed in Serbia and Europe, and to create awareness among people about what it is that we were intrigued by this imperial sheep.

You can view our website in Serbian here.

Contact us, and don't hesitate to be our guests, because you are always welcome!

Yours sincerely, "Romanov"

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